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Issuing a new visa shouldn’t be so complicated.



Here’s how our visa new/renewal service works:

Step 1:

We’ll gather required documents from you.

Step 2:

Get all the necessary documents typed up.

Step 3:

Take the helper to get their medical test.

Step 4:

One of our Assist Team Members will spend time in the necessary govt. offices so you don’t have to

Step 5:

When completed (typically in about 15 - 20 working days), we’ll drop off all the documents to you.

Visa doesn't have to be a nightmare

In Dubai UAE visa requirements are always changing and that’s how a simple visa renewal process can turn into a nightmare. We at Assist AE have been working daily with the government for 8+ years. We can help you without having to stress out and waste time.

Our Visa Services Include

Maid Visa New/Renewal

Dubai residence visa for domestic helpers can be a nightmare that most people want to avoid at all costs. Assist can interview a number of candidates to ensure the best and most trustworthy help is found for you. Assist can also handle all the visa issuance and future visa renewal for your Domestic Helper.

Family Visa New/Renewal

In Dubai, if your job allows you to bring your loved ones and family with you, Assist can handle all the legal issues of arranging visas for them in a straightforward manner that improves the entire experience of moving to Dubai and the UAE.

Employee Visa New/Renewal

Your employees are the most important asset and resource of your company. Making sure all of your employees have their visas renewed or issued can be handled by Assist in no time. This leaves you concentrating on growing your business in Dubai, rather than worrying about the legality of your employees.

What our customers are saying about us

I have been a client with Assist AE for 8 years now. The pricing structure is transparent and I get a detailed statement of my usage. The services of Assist AE allow me to increase my productivity. I can focus on revenue generating tasks and outsource all the others. Always responsive! Thank you Assist AE team! 10/10 for service!
Lucy Chow
Owner of The Elements Group
I was anticipating a long month of running around doing paperwork, and was very worried about being away from my work. Assist AE were the perfect solution for me, as they pick up all documents wherever is convenient for me, and they handle the entire process from A to Z, and return the completed paperwork to me at my convenience. I would highly recommend them, and have found their prices to be better than others in the market​
Assist Dubai UAE
Rami Salame

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