Why You Need to Outsource PRO Services

If you are a business owner or manager in today’s modern world, outsourcing is a boon. It helps increase efficiency by shifting certain operations and tasks to a contracted third party for a specific period of time. The functions that are offloaded can be carried out by the third party, onsite or offsite.  

Do you have a firm in Dubai which is on the lookout to hire employees? Are you preoccupied with urgent tasks? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the documentation involved? Or unsure of the procedures involved?

If the answers to all of these are “yes,” you want to consider outsourcing your Public Relations Officer (PRO) services to the experts.

At Assist AE, we are there to help in the following ways:

  • Meeting Legal Requirements

We make sure that the selected employees satisfy the legal requirements of working in Dubai. This includes verifying their official documents such as ID cards, passport, visa, and so on.

We can also conduct a sound background check on prospective employees to ensure that all the provided information is 100% accurate. All of these help avoid legal hassles in the long run. We collect and submit all necessary documentation to keep all employee official paperwork for you at hand.

  • Arranging for Medical Tests

Determination of physical fitness via medical test is an absolute must when it comes to employee recruitment.

We undertake the arrangement of medical tests from credible authorities, so that you have no doubts regarding the results. Also, we are well-versed with the necessary criteria for the medical fitness test and incase the outcome is not positive we will know what the issue is and why it they have failed.

The examinations include AIDS/HIV, leprosy and tuberculosis, hepatitis and syphilis as well as pregnancy tests where applicable.

  • Drafting & Reviewing of Contracts

Once you have selected your prospective employees, we can help in drafting contracts in case you would like to add additional provisions that are not included in the Ministry of labor standard contract.

We ensure that the contract abides by the legal protocol of Dubai and is customized according to your company policies. Leave it to us to consult and cross-check so that the final contract gives you complete satisfaction.

In case either of the parties (the company or the recruit) has difficulty in understanding any of the clauses, provisions, or other criteria, we take care to explain in a step-by-step comprehensible manner.

  • Representing the Company

We take the responsibility for representing your business at official venues such as the police stations, embassies, consulates, ministries or municipalities, airports, and other important departments.

This includes but is not limited to work related to government approvals, documentation follow up and getting all your legal affairs in order and up to date.

  • Application & Renewal of Visa  

Whether your recruits are inside or outside Dubai and whether you are a free zone or onshore company and they need to be present at the workplace, they would need visas with immediate effect to work legally with you.

We take the necessary steps to ensure that the recruits fulfill the criteria for getting employment visa. These include the necessary government contracts, processing visa fees, scheduling appointments with government authorities, and so on. Renewal of visas, as and when necessary, is also taken care of by us.

So, concentrate on your core business without the need to direct your energy on support services related to hiring of employees. Save precious time and money and leverage the staffing flexibility. Allow us to share the responsibility as you focus on matters that demand your urgent attention.

Learn more about how Assist AE can help you with attestation service today.