How To Hire A Dubai Attestation Service Without Getting Scammed

If you’re planning to hire a attestation service, you need to beware of the pitfalls that can leave you disappointed.

Whether you need help for any of the following, you need to exercise caution, because we’ve heard the horror stories from our customers.

Before choosing a dubai attestation service, you need to ask yourself 7 questions to ensure you don’t end up worse off than before you started.

  • Question #1: Do They Specialize In Dealing With The Government?

Maybe they offer some sort of concierge “we do it all” service, but with so much need in the personal assistant market for dealing with constant governmental changes, changing fees, notary public, changing requirements, process changes, etc.

It can be a total nightmare.

If they’re not dealing with the government on a daily basis, it doesn’t allow them to concentrate on delivering efficient service.

  • Question #2: Will they go out of their way to put a smile on your face?

At Assist AE we want you to call us immediately if you are having a problem with something so we can fix it on the spot. You can call us anytime during Dubai working hours and we’re here to make sure you’re absolutely smiling after we deliver your service.

We’re available Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please do not hesitate to call us at +971 4 338 6394 or email us at

  • Question #3: Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

A shocking number of personal assistant companies don’t even offer a money-back guarantee.

Don’t believe me?

Check out some of the other concierge companies online and you won’t see one, but we know that by offering you a full refund of every penny if you’re unhappy it’s the best way to hold our feet to the fire, and guarantees we provide you with stellar service every time.

Or if you’d like, call or email these other companies and ask. So, if you thought their service was terrible – tough luck – many other providers will scoff at the idea of giving you your money back, or crediting you for a free service in the future.

 Did your service take too long to process? Well, “That’s just too bad”, they say… “We can’t please everyone.”

  • Question #4: Do they make working with them an enjoyable experience.

We’ve heard so many horror stories from people and businesses who’ve worked with sub-par personal assistant companies, and they were appalled at how difficult they made the process.

How are they still in business? 

We’re still trying to figure this one out. We’ve developed a unique process for working with us that’s guaranteed to make it a super easy and pleasant experience.

  • Question #5: Do they position themselves as the cheapest option?

At Assist AE we’ve been in business for 8 years straight. We don’t have to or want to be the cheapest option. Being the cheapest means you’re skimping out on something.

Maybe it’s skimping on your service, or maybe they aren’t focused on getting your job done in a quick manner. But, we’re not expensive either. We’re affordable and we provide excellent service. If you’re only worried about hiring the cheapest personal assistants, you’re putting yourself at a MAJOR disadvantage.

We’re talking about your most precious commodity – time – and if it’s wasted then you might end up back where you were.

You wouldn’t pay an architect to build a skyscraper who has only ever built a single family home, so why pay a personal assistant company who doesn’t provide the experience and service you really want?

  • Question #6: Will they update you at every turning point in the process?

What we do is we update the client at every step of the process from when it arrives to our office to when it is sent back to them.

Attestation requirements in the UAE are getting more comprehensive and a requirement across all government entities, so we know how critical it can be to know where your documents are so you can arrange for your travels and family.

That’s why from our end what we try and do is update all our clients on every step of the process so they can plan and be comfortable and happy with the decisions they make.

  • Question # 7: Will they drop off your completed documents to YOU, rather than having to spend your time to come get them?

This is a service we offer to make life easier for our clients. Our offering is about giving our clients time to focus on what they want to do in their day to day lives without worrying about traffic or parking or wasting time finding what they actually need to do.

At Assist AE we provide a full service attestation process where you don’t need to go anywhere. We pick up the documents, get them attested anywhere internationally and locally, and drop off to you. It’s hassle free!